Wynonna Judd Sings ‘Come Some Rainy Day’ To Her Sister


Having a sibling is a truly incredible thing. While sometimes a little brother or sister can be the most annoying thing in the world, once we all grow up, it becomes obvious that these are truly the people we are the absolute closest to.

They’re the one person we’ve shared everything with; we grew up with these people since we were children! And even though Wynonna Judd and Ashley Judd are both megastars, they share that amazing bond just as much as anyone else.

We’re usually used to seeing the amazingly talented Wynonna perform solo using her incredible voice, but she gave one particular audience an amazing treat of a lifetime. In front of thousands of adoring fans, Wynonna brought her talented sister Ashley onstage for a tender song that they will not be forgetting anytime soon!

Titled “Come Some Rainy Day,” this song was made even more beautiful with the touching images of both of the girls back when they were growing up together. Ashley happily lays her head on her big sister’s shoulder, and you can really feel the love these two share with each other.

The most beautiful moment is at the 3:15 mark, right after these sisters share a kiss, Wynonna says it best: “I don’t care how rich and famous she gets, she’ll always be my little sister!” to which the audience begins to cheer like never before!

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