Hero Lifeguard Saves A Little Girl From Drowning


One fateful day on Bondi Beach in Australia, a tiny young girl headed straight into the raging current. The girl was frantically waving her arms and screaming out for help, just moments from going under. That’s when a skilled lifeguard named Terry sprung into action, jumped on his board and paddled as fast as he could to reach her. He pulled her exhausted body out of the water and into the safety of his arms. The footage below is gut-wrenching.

In a post-rescue interview, the heroic lifeguard tries holding back the tears as he describes the harrowing experience. Not only did it affect him on a professional level, but it also brought back painful memories from his personal life. You see, Terry was about to become a father when his son got trapped inside the birth canal during the delivery. The baby passed away from lack of oxygen. The devastating loss continues to inspire Terry to be a lifeguard, so that other parents don’t have to endure the pain of losing a child.

Seeing Terry’s eyes well up is enough to make any parent grateful for their children’s health — and for the men and women who bravely risk their lives every day to ensure their safety.

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