Heroes Rescue A Pair Of Canine Siblings Living Under The Freeway


Hope For Paws received a call about two dogs living under a busy Los Angeles freeway — two siblings, a boy and a girl.

Heroes Eldad and Vanessa had to first crawl through the underground tunnels to reach the terrified dogs. They could tell someone had been feeding them in the meantime. The pups were filthy and frightened, but at least they had each other. Not knowing the humans’ intentions, the male dog covered his sister to protect her.

After spending a few minutes earning their trust, Vanessa and Eldad were able to gently slip leashes around their necks. It’s clear how much they depend on each other for comfort and strength. With 10 lanes of traffic above them, then came the harrowing journey through the tunnel system and out from underground. It was a hot and exhausting feat, especially since the brother dog would walk a few steps, then turn back and refuse to keep going until he was reassured his sister was okay. Finally, the four of them managed to reach safety, and Eldad took the dogs to get cleaned, fed, and on their way to recovery.

When you see the siblings today, now known as Cola and Pepsi, you won’t believe their incredible transformation. They’ve been through hell and back, but not once left the other’s side. Whoever adopts these two will be so very lucky.

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