He’s Incredibly Rude To An Autistic Boy But Wait Until You See How People React. Wow!


If you’ve ever seen ABC’s hidden camera show What Would You Do?, then you already know that the series has been known to create some high-tension situations for people of all walks of life. But that’s what makes the show so interesting.

Broadcast since 2008 as part of ABC’s Primetime series, the show places actors in public settings with hidden cameras all around. The actors will then act out some type of conflict or some illegal scenario, and viewers watch to see how the public reacts. Will they step up and do the “right” thing or will they simply walk away from the situation aghast?

In this clip from an episode of What Would You Do?, a group of actors sets up in a New Jersey diner to act out a scenario that involves having lunch with their autisticchild. During the scenario, one actor plays the role of an incredibly rude diner who lashes out at the child (and his parents) while everyone is trying to eat.

But the heartwarming part of the video really kicks in when we get a chance to see just how great the humanity in perfect strangers can be. As the actor begins making a scene and chastising the autistic boy and his family, other diners step up and defend the family. They basically run the rude man out of the restaurant to the cheers of the rest of the patrons.

And then it’s up to host John Quiñones to come into the diner and inform everyone that they’ve been on a hidden camera show before interviewing some of the strangers that made the most significant actions to stop the bullying.

It’s a heartwarming video that shows the true heart of people everywhere to look out for each other in situations where someone is being treated unfairly. Kudos to all those that did the right thing!

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