Hidden in plain sight, Jörg Düsterwald’s ‘Door Art’


For over 20 years, German artist Jörg Düsterwald has perfected the counterintuitive craft of hiding his art in plain sight.

Düsterwald, from Hameln, Germany, is an accomplished body painter whose stunning talent and attention to detail have made viewers obsessively scour images to find the perfectly camouflaged models hidden within. In his latest project, called “Door Art,” Düsterwald has partnered with photographer Tschiponnique Skupin to explore how models and the environment interact in the context of doors and gates.
Can you spot the model?
How about this one?
On his website, Düsterwald describes the project as “a symbiosis of painting, environment, and photography,” with each element working in conjunction with each other to create a complete image. Düsterwald positions the model in a specific place, then painstakingly blends her into the backdrop, paying close attention to the lighting and the textures of the surrounding materials. Skupin then immortalizes the tableau in a photograph.

In the past, Düsterwald and Skupin joined forces to explore other ways in which art interacts with life. Their “Nature Art” project utilizes outdoor settings as the backdrop for the body painting, whereas “Working Art” interjects a body-painted model into a working environment, such as a florist’s stand, a zoo, and even a blacksmith’s workshop.

Watch the video below to see Düsterwald and Skupin in action.


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