Hiker Risks His Life To Save A Puppy Trapped At Bottom Of A Canyon


This rescue is almost too incredible to believe.

In June of 2010, former U.S. Marine Sergeant Zachary Anderegg was hiking in a remote region of Arizona. That’s when he happened upon Riley, an emaciated puppy who was abandoned at the bottom of a 350-foot canyon.

With no one else in sight, Zak dedicated himself to saving the dog’s life. Luckily, his marine training made him one of the only people who could pull off such aphysically and mentally demanding feat. Zak scaled down the canyon several times, risking his own life in the process. After more than a day’s worth of exhausting work, Zak was finally able to pull up to safety. He was nothing but skin and bones. His paws were nearly destroyed. There were shotgun pellets lodged under his skin. His teeth were black from malnutrition.

Zak drove Riley from Arizona to his home state of Utah, where he immediately got Riley the medical attention he so desperately needed. Miraculously, Riley’s health started to turn around. His wounds healed. His personality shone through. And best of all, Zak and his awesome family adopted Riley and gave him a forever home.

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While hiking by himself in a remote region of Arizona, former US Marine sergeant Zachary Anderegg made a shocking discovery.


350-feet down, at the bottom of a deep and narrow canyon slot, was an emaciated puppy. The dog had been abandoned and left for dead.



Zak knew he couldn’t leave the puppy down there to die. It was an exhausting day, but Zak was committed, and he was strong enough to pull off the daring rescue. He spent hours climbing in and out of the canyon to to bring down food for the starving dog. In the process, he worked to gain Riley’s trust.


Zak returned the next day with a dog crate and repelled back into the canyon to rescue Riley. He was nothing but skin and bones. His paws were nearly destroyed. There were shotgun pellets lodged under his skin. It was a miracle he was still alive. Zak immediately drove him to the hospital.


Facebook / Canyon Puppy

Riley was finally in safe hands, but he had a long road of recovery ahead. Luckily, Zak and his family decided they couldn’t let go of Riley. They adopted him!


Facebook / Canyon Puppy

Slowly but surely, Riley began to regain his health. He put on weight, and his personality started to shine through. Just look at his transformation!


Facebook / Canyon Puppy

It’s years later, and Riley is now thriving. He and Zak even returned to the canyons of Arizona — only this time, his best friend was by his side and will never let him go.


Facebook / Canyon Puppy


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