This Hilarious Cat Gets A Big Surprise When Bread Pops Out Of The Toaster


Everyone has their own morning routine to help them wake up, perk up, and get ready for whatever the day may bring. Personally, I’m a fan of staying under my covers until the very last second possible, then force myself up and into the kitchen to feed my cat. He’s already been up for hours, meowing and scratching at my door while I hit the snooze button a few more times than I probably should. Maybe if I gave him this hilarious little scare, he’d be less fussy about when I finally pour the kibble into his bowl.

While innocently perched on the counter, this cat gets a huge surprise when his owner’s toast pops up. I’m not even sure the human was craving bread that morning, but he definitely wanted to see the silly look on his feline’s face! It’s definitely an effective way of making sure everyone is wide awake, that’s for sure. I would feel bad for the cutie, but it’s just too funny! And, of course, I’m glad he’s okay after taking the small tumble. Mostly because that makes it okay for me to watch it over and over again without feeling guilty!

I really shouldn’t laugh too much, though. I’d probably react the same way if someone did this to me before my first few cups of coffee. The world can be such a scary place without proper caffeine levels.

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