A Homeless Man Rescued Her From Rape. And How He’s Thanked…TEARS!


Oh, What A Thank You!

It was like any other day as Maurice Osborne rode the subway train in New York City. But when Maurice heard the undeniable screams for help from a woman, without a second thought Maurice sprang into action. And right then and there, his day became anything but normal.


Credit: NY Post

When Maurice arrived at the scene, he found a woman who was being raped by a middle-aged man. That’s when Maurice whipped out his superhero moves and yanked the man up by the shirt. Maurice literally took matters into his own hands, and dragged the man by his collar, up the subway stations stairs, and all the way to the police station. The man was taken into custody.

And as for battle wounds, Maurice left with six stitches above his left eye and a right hand that was so swollen it looked like it could pop! Maurice didn’t save the woman without a good fight, but he has no regrets and he would do it all over again if he had to.


Credit: CBS New York

But Maurice has a struggle of his own — he is homeless. The 37-year-old is living in a Brooklyn shelter while studying to become a medical assistant. When the word got out people rallied together to raise over $20,000 to help with his school expenses.


Credit: gofundme

It’s no coincidence that Maurice would choose a field that would help him to save lives. We wish him all the best, and we pray that God will continue to bless him for not ignoring the cries of someone in need. It takes courage to do something heroic, and that’s why we have no problem with calling Maurice a hero.

Credit: GodUpdates



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