This Horse Turns Into A Tiny Puppy When He Plays With This Giant Ball


Horses are some of the most majestic, fascinating animals on the planet and when it comes down to it there is so much more to these gentle giants than meets the eye.

I recently learned from this incredibly touching article that horses are often used in animal therapy. They can seriously benefit those who need help both physically or mentally and if you’ve ever rode a horse, you can understand why. There’s no rush like galloping on horseback, but for just a short while, horses help us escape our own problems and fears.

Horses and humans can have some truly unparalleled bonds and nowhere is this more obvious than in dressage, the competitive equestrian sport and highest expression of horse training. Dressage, which is also known as “horse dancing” takes place when the rider trains their horse to perform premeditated movements, just like a person would in a dance routine. As you can see in this adorable practice session with a 5-year-old mini horse, the results can be pretty amazing!

In this next video, we meet a 5-year-old horse named Finnochino who is just getting started in dressage. To practice with the beautiful horse, his owner gives him a giant exercise ball to have some fun. However, I don’t think anyone expected this big guy to start acting just like a little puppy when he discovers how much fun it is!

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