‘Horse Whisperer’ Corrects Disrespectful Horse In 5 Minutes


Sophie the horse has been taught by her owners that people are threatening, and that it’s okay to be ignored and left alone. She shows her backside, goes to nip, and runs away from humans. In the fascinating video below, a “horse whisperer” named Rick works with Sophie to correct her disrespectful behavior toward humans, i.e. ear pinning and being food protective. Within five minutes, watch her negative behavior disappear!

Notice Rick does not use a whip, chain, lead rope buckle, bricks or bats. Instead, he simply talks to the horse like a higher/lead horse. “All I do is use pressure and release with timing and feel to talk to the horse in a language the horse understands,” Rick explains. For horses, the ears are perhaps the most expressive form of communication, so keep an eye on how her ears change as the video progresses. Ear pinning, which Sophie displays in the beginning, signifies aggressive, unhappy and/or threatened behavior.

On his website, Think Like A Horse, Rick says, “The old ‘macho tough cowboy’ style of horse training is long gone. Those who still practice this style are not true Horsemen. I believe in, endorse and practice Natural Horsemanship.” Known as horse whispering, Natural Horsemanship works to develop a rapport with horses using communication techniques derived from observing free-roaming horses, and rejecting abusive training methods.

Not only is this video informative for anyone who owns and/or works with horses (or loves animals in general), but it’s amazing to watch Sophie completely change her attitude in mere minutes. I was so impressed when she began following Rick, rather than run from him. Isn’t in awesome what a little patience, kindness, and understanding can do?

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