How An Experienced Dog Mother Teaches Her 8-Week-Old Puppies To Be Calm


Unfortunately, every mother does not know how to tame her children. This is not a problem for Rosalie, who already has a lot of experience with motherhood. She had already gave birth four times, so she handles difficult situations very well.

This is also confirmed by the video of her owner, who has Youtube channel Sent from Heaven.

Sent from Heaven, Youtube
In the video, Rosalie went into the room where her playful puppies were. They were so enthusiastic about their mother that they started to get crazy, so their mother had enough.

She quickly showed her eight weeks old puppies who wears pants in the house, and with her response, puppies were immediately tamed.

The owner also wrote that the mother wants to teach her puppies to stop drinking milk anymore. When the puppies calmed down, Rosalie began to take care of them, and at the same time she wants to teach them that we need self-control for the way to success.

Source: klipland



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