Huge Beautiful Horse Meets A Tiny Fluffy Cat For The First Time


Just about everyone loves horses. Their amazing grace, beauty, and even their sense of humor is something that everyone can appreciate. Whether you live in the country or the city, these amazing animals will inspire awe for anyone lucky enough to pat them on their soft noses!

Jessica Baker is one of those people lucky enough to live her life surrounded by horses and other amazing farm animals. She loves to film her silly animals having fun with each other and posting it up on her YouTube Channel, so when she saw her beautiful horse named Magnum approaching her little barn cat, she just knew that she had to get it all on film!

The horse is quite interested in this adorable little fluff-ball, and continues to follow her all over the place. Jessica’s horse loves playing with his favorite barn cat as often as possible, and while her cat loves playing with all of the horses, it seems pretty clear that she likes Magnum the most! This amazing horse just loves showing off his unique personality on camera!

Magnum loves coming face-to-face with his cat and dog friends. And while the very end of the video shows Magnum a bit startled when his cat pal kisses his nose and touches his mouth, it should be noted that these animals just love playing with each other!

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