It Looks Like His Audition Is Ruined, But What Happens Next Made The Judges SCREAM…


Here’s a little surprise that the ladies will definitely love…

On talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent, you can really never judge a person by their appearance when they step onstage. It seems like whenever the judges doubt an act before they begin, like they did with this group of dancers, they look like such fools when the performers turn out to be something completely different than expected.

What’s even better is when a performer or group manages to completely fool the judges and audience during their audition, like this hysterical “nerd” did during his audition. In the following clip, we see what could have easily been one of the biggest disasters I’ve ever seen on Britain’s Got Talent. A man named Lewis took the stage by himself, dressed in an undone tuxedo and telling the judges he’d be performing a song for them.



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