Husband Films His Wife Giving Birth To 10 Pound Baby…While He’s Driving!


It opens with a jaw-dropping caption over a shot of a pregnant woman, clearly in labor: “We’ve been driving for 45 mins. Already.”

Needless to say, it’s easy to see that the soon-to-be-mom on camera is mere seconds away from giving birth! Her husband appears to have placed a camcorder on his lap, and the couple is racing down the Beltway 8 in Houston on their way to Bay Area Birth Center. The very pregnant wife on camera is urging her husband to drive faster, until the tone of her wailing noticeably changes.

At 0:58, her water breaks.

Now her screams take on a new pitch, and her husband seems to know what’s about to happen. (According to The Daily Mail, the couple has two young daughters, so they’ve both been down this road – literally and figuratively – before!)

“Can you take your pants down?” the doting husband asks at 1:28. At first, I wondered why he didn’t pull over to help her, but then I realized he was hoping he could somehow make it to the hospital in time. Later in the video, he does also ask what his wife would prefer he do.

This little family doesn’t wind up making it to the hospital. Watch what happens when the new mom manages to get her leggings down. This video took me on an emotional rollercoaster – from horrified to overjoyed.

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