Her Husband Hid A HUGE Secret In These Trash Bags. What’s Inside? She’s Stunned.


We’ve seen how much fun can be had in a ball pit. Remember these adorable mongoose playing the day away? Precious! But what happens when your husband secretly fills your entire living room with plastic balls while you’re out — and the second you open the door to come home, you’re flooded with them?!

That’s exactly what happened when famous YouTube prankster Roman Atwood pulled one over on his wife, much to the delight of their kids. Roman had a crew of workers come to his house and to unload colored plastic balls until the entire first floor was transformed into a massive ball pit — perfect for (safely) catapulting from the top level!

I love Roman’s wife’s reaction. She easily could’ve gotten angry, but instead she joined her family for a romp in the pit.

I’d call this a great surprise, if you ask me. How awesome would it be to come home after a long, hard day at work and find a playground in your home?! But of course, the clean-up part? Not so fun.

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