In the UK, Two Cute and Adorable Cats Are Kept at An Animal Shelter


Mitsi Maria came to the British Zoo Bleholt when her owner fell ill. As a 10-year-old cat, he may not have thought that he would leave home, but now he has the opportunity to find a new home for his beloved family.

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According to Bolton News, Mitzi Maria is still very personal. Throughout her life, she behaved like a princess, got a home and no longer competed with other pets to get people’s attention.

“Older children would be best due to her sassy nature,” the Bolton News reports. “She may swipe at you and has a lot to say for herself but she is a loving lady when she wants to be.”

Elsewhere, a larger cat named Charlie is also looking for a new home for the better.

Charlie is not the best cat, he just loves him. I hope that someone who loves her will sign the adoption document soon.


Charlie actually lives with a thyroid condition, which has put him on a few pounds in recent years. He needs to take medication every day and have a blood test every three months to make sure the medication is effective.

This cat happily takes the medicine hidden in the food – this is the fastest way to get to the cat’s heart.


“We think Charlie is the perfect pet for a quiet home with only one pet,” Bolton News reports.

Anyone wishing to adopt Mitsi-Marie and Charlie must complete an application form on the Blackhall Animal Sanctuary website and email it to The strictly protected area is closed to the public due to a security epidemic, but applications are still being accepted.

“We will contact you to schedule an appointment as soon as we start registering visitors,” Karen Wade, manager of the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, told Bolton News. “We believe that every animal should have a second chance, which means that we usually carry sick or elderly sick animals.

“As we continue to support these animals in their homes, they will have a better chance of finding this special home forever.”



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