Sam Berns Suffers From Rare Disease But Explains To The World How Happy He Is


Meet Sam Berns: He’s a 17-year-old inspiration that will inspire you to lead a more fulfilling life. Sam suffers from progeria, a rare disease that only about 80 children throughout the world have. Children appear normal until around age 2, when they suddenly begin to age drastically.

Most children who have this disease die around age 13, so when the 50-lb. teenager remained in good health, his dreams began to look towards the horizon of the future. When he gave the speech featured in the video below, Sam was a high school junior who’d achieved the highest honors, and even managed to become the percussion section leader!

Sam’s speech is not only touching and beautiful, but it has to be one of the most inspiring videos we’ve ever seen. Sam gives three simple quotes about life that all of us should take to heart.

The wisdom and intelligence that he shows in this touching video is so awe-inspiring that it becomes even more heartbreaking to learn that this amazing teenager, with so much hope for the future, sadly passed away a mere month after he gave this poetic and honest speech.

It’s clear from his words and spirit that this young man had a real warrior’s heart: “Being brave isn’t supposed to be easy… All in all, I don’t waste energy feeling bad about myself… I hope that all of you, regardless of your obstacles, can have a very happy life as well.” The world has certainly lost an incredible soul.

Above everything else Sam wanted the world to know that he lived a very happy life, surrounded by his dear friends and family.

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