This Incredible Home Is A Time Capsule And Puts The Kitsch In Kitchen.


Kitsch–think midcentury home decor full of large-eyed children, nuke-shaped appliances and shades of peach avocado–has made something of a comeback in the recent past. As such, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s actually vintage and what’s a replica.

Furniture craftsman Nathan Chandler, however, got the real deal when he purchased a not-exactly-new home in 2009. The home was built in 1956, which wouldn’t be remarkable, except for the fact that nothing in the home had changed since that year. Typically, houses go through a number of renovations, particularly appliance updates. But this house, from its construction until the day Chandler bought it, was a perfect early-60s capsule in perfect perfection. Despite it being owned, no one had ever lived there (due to personal reasons, which were not disclosed), and so the house remained in pristine condition for over 50 years.

The kitchen as a whole, just as it appeared when the house was built more than 50 years ago. The theme is pink!

The refrigerator and freezer, which was horizontal and raised off the floor.

The burners on the electric stove also came with little silver caps for when they weren’t in use.

The controls for the stove.

The oven, in pink, of course.

Even the clock in pink!



The kitchen sports a full line of glorious pink appliances and countertops, as well as swivel chairs and a pretty awesome glass chandelier. The General Electric appliances still included their owners’ manuals, and there were even complimentary dishwasher powder, unopened.



The original purchase card in the refrigerator. Also pink.

A manual and complimentary dishwashing powder for the dishwasher.

The oven manual, complete with ’50s housewife illustrations.


As awesome as the pieces are, Chandler opted to sell them. For one thing, pink might not have fit into his design scheme for his home. For another, vintage appliances like these are nowhere near as energy efficient or as effective as modern ones, and, should they break, would be very difficult to have fixed. The kitchen was purchased by someone else in 2010, who has hopefully given it a good home, and will, unlike the original owners, be able to enjoy it.



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