The Incredible Ways To Use A Tampon To Survive In The Wilderness


Sometimes in life we can find ourselves in quite precarious situations.

While it doesn’t happen often, we are occasionally faced with these types of life-or-death survivalist situations. It’s good to be prepared for anything you may encounter, like with this stunning survivalist tiny home.

And one incredible and surprising do-it-yourself way you can stay prepared is by keeping a tampon close by.

Super survival expert Creek Stewart, founder of Willow Haven Outdoor, knows all about how to use the tools around him to help him in dangerous situations. For fifteen years, Creek has been teaching wilderness survival — but says he is also a student of the wilderness, constantly learning.

Creek realized that tampons are extremely useful for a number of survival situations, as they are sterile, compact, and kept in waterproof plastic.

Scroll through below to see how you can use a tampon to survive in the wilderness. I had no idea they could have so many important uses!

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We might think of tampons as nothing more than simple feminine hygiene products — but, much like Swiss Army knives, they’re hiding many life-saving tools!

Tool #1: Bandages


Tampons are made from super absorbent cotton, so they can make for really great medical bandages.

Military medics carry tampons in their med kits to bandage bullet wounds, but they can work as makeshift bandages for all types of wounds with just a bit of tape.

Tool #2: Water Filter


By pushing a tampon into the neck of a water bottle, Creek shows how easily you can make a crude water filter.

While the tampon won’t filter out any chemicals or heavy metals, it will filter out sediment and other particles.


Creek simply fills the bottle with dirty water and lets it filter out through the tampon into the other half of the bottle waiting below.

Tool #3: Fire Starter



Because cotton can be a great fire starter, by using just a piece of a simple tampon, you can create a nice, steady fire.

Tool #4: Straw Filter


When in a dire need of water with no other options, the applicator – with a piece of cotton placed in the middle – can work as a straw filter.


Creek shows how easy it is to drink water through the straw, which filters out sediment and large particles through the cotton of the tampon.

Tool #5: Candle Wick


The cotton string of the tampon can also work perfectly as a candle wick.

Creek shows how to create this makeshift candle from a shell, using some animal fat and the tampon string.

Tool #6: Animal Trap


The small cotton string of the tampon can have other uses as well, as with this impromptu animal trap.

Tool #7: Blow Dart


They might sound extreme, but blow darts are a silent and easy way to hunt for dinner in the wild. The cotton of the tampon can be quite effective as the blow dart fletching.


While it might seem surprising, a tampon really can be one of the handiest tools to have with you in a survival situation.

Will you be keeping a tampon with you at all times “just in case”?

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