How To Install Hidden Backyard Swimming Pool


Have you ever wanted a swimming pool but just didn’t have the space in your backyard?

This is precisely the problem Gil Klar, an engineer from Israel, and his wife faced in 2013, reports The Telegraph. Klar’s wife wanted more space for the children to play while Klar preferred an inground swimming pool. Naturally, Klar solved this difficult problem in a very ingenious way — by building a multipurpose swimming pool that could double as a traditional backyard lawn.

In the full how-to YouTube video below, Klar explains the hidden swimming pool installation process from the conceptual design stages to final execution. (Note: For those short on time, you can watch a short clip of the finished hidden swimming pool.) The most unique feature to watch is how Klar built and tested the railing mechanism that opens and closes the hidden pool. “It took about 2.5 month from start to finish, but most of the work was done on weekends, so in total it was about two weeks or so,” says Klar on his YouTube account.

What might such a unique swimming pool installation cost? According to the swimming pool company River Pool & Spas, typical inground swimming pool costs range from $12,000 to $45,000 depending on the material used (concrete, fiberglass, vinyl liner). For Klar, the total cost ended up being around $10,000, excluding labor. This likely means the real cost would have been in the tens of thousands.

As one commenter on YouTube remarks, “Wow. I’m impressed. You are the ultimate DIYer. Congratulations on being a great engineer and a terrific Dad.”

It’s certainly hard not to agree.

For a very quick clip of finished product (27 seconds), with detailed how-to video below:



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