Jimmy Kimmel Live Asks Kids What’s The Worst Thing They’ve Ever Heard Mommy Say


This is one of the funniest segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live that I’ve ever watched. The well-known television host decided to put a theory to the test after hearing about a survey claiming that women were more inclined to experience road rage than men. Kimmel sent a camera crew to Hollywood Boulevard to interview kids about the worst thing they’ve ever heard Mommy say, and the results are simply hilarious.

While this video presents the topic in an entertaining and funny way, the issue of yelling and especially cursing in front of kids is no laughing matter. However, the lightheartedness Kimmel brings with this video can be refreshing for many parents.

we thought this video was too good not to pass on; kids are always saying the funniest things, especially when someone gives them a mic. Watch the video below and share your reaction with us in the comments section!



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