Judges Lose It When Couple Changes Outfits Faster Than They Can Blink Their Eyes


I enjoy taking my time getting ready. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a 3-hour get ready kind of person, but not rushing through my routine gives me a little peace of mind. There’s something relaxing and ceremonial about putting yourself together for the day – doing your hair, brushing your teeth, selecting the right clothes to wear. It’s nice to be able to put a little thought and intention behind how you present yourself – when you have the time.

But on those rushed Monday mornings or last minute, impromptu dinner dates, there’s nothing I’d like more than an instant wardrobe change. One, two, three – gorgeous! No fret, no worry, no fuss no muss just a darn good looking outfit in a matter of seconds.

I honestly think everyone would like to have a partner who can get ready by the time they can count to three! But sometimes, especially for people like me, it’s just not possible. But, it is possible for a couple of people, and we’re about to share their unique talent with you in the video below.



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