Little Girl Gets The Surprise Of Her Lifetime On Her 3rd Birthday


When you’re a little kid, you can make some pretty ridiculous requests for your birthday.

Unfortunately for these creative little minds, a unicorn, a race car, a pony and for many families, a puppy, just aren’t going to happen. However, when you’re a kid who doesn’t get to be around all your loved ones on your birthday, your wish list is going to be a little different.

You probably don’t remember your third birthday very well, I know I don’t, but luckily for one little girl named Bridget, she’ll have the following priceless video for the rest of her life. When this cutie pie turned 3 years old, she was surprised with an extra big box that contained the one gift she wanted most, but never expected. Just like these three sweet children who got to unwrap the gift of a lifetime, Bridget’s grandmother had her daughter unwrap a giant box that didn’t contain a bike or the mini refrigerator in the photo.

Instead, Bridget’s father, U.S. soldier Joshua Carr, who had been on deployment in Afghanistan, jumps out of the box to surprise his little girl at her birthday party. Carr told Stars and Stripesthat, since it was his second deployment in his daughter’s young lifetime, it was especially exciting for his little girl. The single father also wrote, “She still talks about it from time to time. ‘Remember when you were in a box and you surprised me?’” You just have to smile at that!

Want to thank Carr and all of our amazing troops out there who sacrifice time away from their loved ones to serve our country?

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