Judges Took Her As A Joke When She Took The Stage… Buts Ends Up SHOCKING Them!


The “Britain’s Got Talent” judges thought they had seen everything the audition had to offer and thought it was business as usual when Lettice Rowbotham took the stage. This was a performer on a mission… and she proved it!

Immediately she took the stage, they told her she was one of the posh performers the show had seen that far. Though that was the case, they took her as a joke since she was very talkative and had a funny personality.

Judging the book by its cover must always be avoided since she took them by surprise when she started her performance by pulling her electric violin out. Her medley of pop hits ended up shocking the judges.

You can understand why Lattice’s performance made the crowd go WILD when you watch this. This girl is completely lovable, very talented and her personality makes her show be awesome.

Expect this to be one of the artists to light the future!

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