Learn How These People Make Tiny Personalized Candies


La Confiserie CandyLabs is a fun little candy shop in Montreal, Quebec that does an amazing job creating personalized, old-fashioned hard candies. It is mind-boggling how they are able to create such amazing and detailed designs in the center of these teeny, tiny candies. In this video, they are creating a “16” in the center of a heart in the middle of the candy. Layer after layer is flattened and rolled into place to make the overall image appear.

The video is a little long, so if you want to skip to where they start putting it together, go to 3:15, but the whole process is very interesting. While the video lasts for 9 minutes, the actual process takes 3 hours! As you watch the video, you will not only see the candy appearing step-by-step, but you’ll also get a narrative explaining what they are doing. One of the things I found most interesting was how he chopped off the pieces at the end. At first I thought it was odd, but after I thought about it it all made sense. If they cut off the candy pieces with a scissors, like they use during the creation process, the image would have been pinched away. By chopping the pieces with a knife, he is able to get a crisp, clean cut that leaves the inner image intact.

Check out the video to see these guys in action. At the very end of the video you get a brief look at some of the other images they have been able to create.




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