Lone Pup Goes Rogue During Weiner Dog Race


This past weekend, a Weiner Dog Race took place on the baseball field in El Paso, TX. The results? Hilarious… Adorable… And oh-so worthy of a viral video! What began with eight dachshunds running for the title of fastest weiner dog — and the winner of $500 — ended with one particular pup literally running the show.

Five of the competitors eventually lost interest and began sniffing around the field; three actually reached the finish line; and one of them became an internet superstar. Competitor #3 may have come in second place, that didn’t stop him from leading his owners (and the entire team of baseball players) on a wild goose chase across the field. For a whole two minutes, this dashing dachshund goes completely rogue. He manages to elude his pursuer, sprinting across the grass, leaping over the mounds, and grinning from ear-to-ear the whole time. One YouTube commenter says it best: “That little dog just experienced more unbridled joy in 60 seconds than most people do in a lifetime.”

What makes this video solid gold is the fact it’s set to Tom Petty’s “Running Down the Dream.” Because this weiner dog is totally living the dream for all the lucky fans in attendance.

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