It Looks Like A Floating Flower…But The Truth Will SHOCK You!


Within the world’s many nooks and crannies are tons of wonders still waiting to be discovered. Take, for instance, an amusement park where people ride alligators. There’s also a state that houses the world’s biggest garden gnome. And lurking in mud banks all over the world are strange, crazy-tongued anteaters called pangolins that that have more scales than a dinosaur.

In fact, there’s so many rare and little-known animal species flying, crawling, and swimming around our amazing globe that they could fill Noah’s Arc — twice!

Take, for instance, the Glaucus atlanticus. It’s a sea slug that is as tiny as a toenail and bluer than a sparkling sapphire. And although the exotic and cute little critter dons the nickname “blue angel,” there’s nothing innocent about it. It’s actually more like its other moniker, “blue dragon.”

But that’s not all. This little guy holds a lot of BIG secrets…

For instance, this cute sea slug is filled with something deadly…


It’s not totally safe for a human to hold one in their hand because…


…they’re filled with poison. Their sting, more painful than a jellyfish’s, is used to take down, and eventually eat, Portuguese man o’ wars.


They stay afloat, bobbing at the surface of water with the aid of gas-filled sacs in their bellies. Because of the location of the sac, they actually float upside down.


Glaucus atlanticus

They typically grow to be an inch in length and can be found in the warm, tropical waters of Mozambique and Australia. But be careful! They also have serrated teeth!


Interestingly, they are hermaphrodites as well, which means they’re both male and female.



Which makes sense, because, as you can see in the video below, they have no problem dancing without a partner. They can pull a Billy Idol-style “Dancing With Myself” as elegantly as a man and woman doing the Portuguese Waltz, which, unfortunately they have to wait 30 minutes to do after they eat a Portuguese man o’ war. You know, so they don’t get a cramp.

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