It Looks Like An Ordinary Grain Silo, But When You See The Other Side? WOW!


This may look like an ordinary grain silo, but it’s hiding a super cool secret inside…

At the Gruene Homestead Inn in New Braunfels, TX, you can stay the night in this cozy one-bedroom loft apartment that was built into a 1940s grain silo. You can’t get much more country than this!

The tiny grain silo apartment features a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and a spiral staircase that takes you upstairs to the bedroom. The Gruene Homestead Inn purchased the old silo back in 2007 and remodeled it to give it an upscale, elegant, and totally livable feel. They even added a lovely covered front porch.

Now more people than ever are getting creative with their living spaces, especially when it comes to tiny homes. The tiny home movement has inspired people from from all over the world to shack up in small and sustainable spaces, often ones they’ve built themselves. There’s the adorable Colorado couple who built their very own “home on the range,” the family of four who share a one-bedroom house, and the fraternity brothers who worked to build a number of tiny homes in their community for homeless veterans.

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Built into a renovated 1940s grain silo…


Gruene Homestead Inn

…is a luxurious and modern loft apartment!


Gruene Homestead Inn

The kitchenette may not be large, but it’s certainly lovely and unique. When else can you say that you made dinner in a grain silo?



Gruene Homestead Inn

The bathroom features marble tiles and a glass shower.


Gruene Homestead Inn

The wooden walls and vessel sinks add to the country charm.


Gruene Homestead Inn

And if you head on upstairs…


Gruene Homestead Inn

…you’ll find the homey master bedroom.


Gruene Homestead Inn

Best of all, on warm days you can relax outside on the porch.


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