Louisa Johnson Sings Beach Boys Classic ‘God Only Knows’


When 17-year-old Louisa Johnson was told that she was going to be on The X Factor, she truly felt as if her dreams were coming true.

For as long as she could remember, she had always imagined becoming a beloved singer and star.

This humble teen had always dreamed of reaching the highest pinnacles of success, so when judges were stunned by her initial audition, she was overjoyed by how bright her future was starting to look.

But fate has a funny way of surprising us all. For her next song, she was expected to sing the Beach Boys classic “God Only Knows,” but there was one little problem: Louisa had never heard the song before in her life.

While that may be surprising to hear, it just happens sometimes. For whatever reason, this young lady has never heard the enormous hit that took over the radio waves back in the mid-1960s.

She’s never heard the countless covers by singers like Elton John, Neil Diamond, or Glen Campbell; regardless of the reasons behind her not knowing the song, all that mattered was that she didn’t, and she was scared.

Of all the songs to be given to perform in front of a harsh judge like Simon Cowell, it just had to be something she’s never heard before. But after some intense training, she finally seemed to understand the emotions hidden behind this classic love song.

And when she was pushed onstage in front of millions, it was her turn to stand alone. Please watch her performance and wait for Simon’s amazing reaction!

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