This Loving Cat Owner Transformed A Tree Branch Into A Feline Fantasy


Some of the best at-home craft projects are made by adoring pet-lovers for their playful pets.

They can range from elaborate, bigger-scale projects — like this ‘Dog Mahal’ that one pet owner built for his pups — to smaller, simple structures that just give them room to release energy.

But the amazing cat tree that one Imgur user decided to build? This might just take the cake for amazing DIY pet projects!

A while ago, she came across a fallen branch while out on a stroll, and knew instantly that it could be transformed into something incredible.

After tediously stripping the bark by hand, she cut and sculpted, hammered and glued, until she crafted something so beautiful.

Today, the cat “playpen” stands in a corner of the living room, and offers a very unique space for her wonderful cat…

Scroll further to see how this crafty DIY-er put the little playground together for her adorable cat, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

While out on a walk with her cat a few months ago, this Imgur user and crafty DIY-er spotted a nice-looking branch.

She decided to take it home and fashion a playground tree out of it for her adorable pet.

First, she trimmed the branches and test-fitted the would-be tree in a corner of her living room.


Then, she decided to strip the bark by hand, and to chisel down the rough edges.


She used a slab cut from a fallen ash tree to make the base of the tree, and used massive anchors to attach it to the trunk.


Then, mounts were attached near the base to build the lowest platform.


She cut a ring from the same ash tree, and carved out a perfect first platform.


This is what the cat tree looked like in its very first stages.


If you look closely, you can even see the pile of wood platforms that she cut out for the project!


After attaching two more platforms onto the branches, she mounted a fourth, elongated platform all the way at the top.

As a safe precaution, she fastened a bracket under the platform to make it extra-stable.


Initially, she wanted to have a cute little ladder run from the highest platform down to the others, making it easy and fun for her cat to climb.


Upon second thought, however, she decided it would be better to build a fun little tunnel. At seven feet high, it would also have been the safer option.


She cut a tube on the side for easy access, and wrapped its surface with a patch of carpet.

This would be so soft and comfy for her cat to play and crawl around in!


After finishing the branches off with a few layers of polyurethane polish, she placed it in the living room.

But as always, safety is first  so she secured a bracket from the top of the tree to a stud in the wall, to stabilize the structure.


Just look at her, all elegant and poised atop her own cat tree! This sure is one very lucky and happy cat.


The cat tree stood perfectly in its own corner, obstructing nothing in the living room, providing a safe little haven for her cat.


We thought this cat tree was a simple yet brilliant design, and can’t wait to see what other fun ideas this DIY-er comes up with next.

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