How to make a saltwater DIY drink chiller in 2 minutes


Salt water is rarely at the top of a party planner’s “must have” list, until now. Nothing ruins an otherwise perfectly planned hot-weather event like an assortment of room-temperature beverages. Chilled drinks are as vital to the success of a party as chips, dip and that one friend who can tell a story that makes the whole room burst into laughter. If you don’t have time for the refrigerator or a cooler, using the 2-minute saltwater trick in the video below is the best way to ensure the good times, and cold drinks, stay flowing.

The demonstrators in the video show the process in small scale. Place equal parts ice and water into a glass bowl, then dump in some salt and give it a good stir. The addition of salt to the ice water drops the melting point of the ice. If you use a 10 percent salt solution, the freezing point can drop from 0 degrees Celsius to around -6 degrees Celsius. Having ice melt at a temperature below its normal freezing point is useful for a few reasons. It’s why in cold climates they spread salt on icy roads, and it also helps when making ice cream — another party planning staple.

Whether you’re throwing a big bash or a small gathering, this saltwater DIY drink chiller trick is your quickest route to rave reviews.



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