Man Catches 82-Year-Old Grandmother Playing ‘Ding Dong Ditch’


Mark Smyth of Ireland was walking around Dublin with his mother, Olive, when she decided to knock on a neighbor’s door and rush to a good hiding place.

According to a commentator, this 82-year-old grandmother grew up in that part of the city, and she used to play the game of “ding dong ditch” all the time with her friends when she was a little girl.

The idea of the game is popular no matter which country you find yourself in, the name being the only thing that changes. In Ireland, it’s known as “knick knacking,” and depending on where you’re from in the states, it can be called “ding dong” or “doorbell.”

The premise is always the same, though: you knock (or ring the doorbell) and run like crazy to hide before the person opens the door!

While it’s certainly annoying if it happens more than once, this woman definitely deserves a pass on any negativity, especially when you hear how much her son is thoroughly enjoying the experience!

For anyone who has ever played a prank like this before, you can easily understand the giddy laughter that the man behind the camera is expressing.

What a wonderful memory to catch on film, and we’re sure they’ll all cherish it on video and in their hearts for years to come.

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