Man Gets Ready To Take Selfie, Then Gets The Best Photobomb Ever Recorded


All it took was one man on a boat for an amazing creature to decide to splash aboard. Something caught this creature’s eye, whether it was the sight of a potential friendship with the man, or the flashing camera, but whatever it was would be the start of a beautiful adventure. So, as easy that, the creature made his way on the boat at the perfect moment. The man, on the other hand, had no idea that taking a selfie out on the water would lead to such a huge surprise. One moment he was alone, the very next a seal was cuddled up to his back.

A surprise greeting like this turned out to be comical to the man who was simply enjoying the day. While some people would be shocked, scared, uneasy, or panicked, he was highly amused by it. Keeping his camera out, he decided to take a video rather than a picture to really capture the moment. Out of nowhere, the seal just made his way into the man’s life, becoming a friend and the star of his video. The two of them faced the camera as the man explained, “Here’s my new friend.”

In this wonderful video, we see that a little friendliness goes a long way. There is no long list of things in common for the man and the seal, but that didn’t stop them from being open to chill together. Sometimes it’s just the company of a friend, whether a life-long friend, or a new one that can brighten your day. This seal’s friendliness not only brightened this man’s day but all who watch their hilarious time together taking a video. The way they interact is so much fun. Watch their heartwarming video below.



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