This Man Shows You How To Make A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich


We all thought we knew how to construct a solid grilled cheese sandwich. But after witnessing this man’s brilliant method, we realized how wrong we were. This is incredible!

How this genius chef breaks down the surprisingly simple process behind this delectable delight is phenomenal. Seeing as how this easy process flew under our radar for so long, we wondered what else we may not know about one of America’s classic meals.
Well, according to Wikipedia, “Cooked bread and cheese is an ancient food, according to food historians, popular across the world in many cultures; evidence indicates that in the U.S., the modern version of the grilled cheese sandwich originated in the 1920s when inexpensive sliced bread and American cheese became easily available. The so-called cheese dream became popular in the United States of America during the Great Depression.” Seeing as how this is an easy, cost-effective and delicious meal it’s no wonder this was such a popular go-to for sufferers of the Great Depression.
We here at viral tales couldn’t wait to share this amazing video with you, but we’d like to know how you felt about it. Are there other methods that work for you? Do you think he forgot something? Please share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.


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