Man Tries To Sing And Play Guitar, But It’s His Green Parrot Who’s The Star Of The Show


Parrots are funny creatures and excellent companions. I can see why pirates chose them as their loyal counterparts while sailing the sea for months – years!– at a time. They’re chatty, sing-songy, and offer companionship on choppy water or land.

And they have the incredible capacity to memorize words and lyrics and melody! As seen in this astonishing video, this bird has quite the set of pipes.

The man, Neno Alfenas, with nothing but his guitar and his bird, are sitting outside in Sertanopolis, Brazil. It is evening time, and they are together surrounded by a few friends, ready with a camera in hand to record the show that’s about to happen. The video opens to Neno strumming the guitar while his little birdy friend sits on the headstock. Neno hasn’t started singing yet, but the parrot is whistling away in tune, his beautiful green plumage bright and fanned out.

Neno starts to sing the first verse; then it’s as if the parrot knows exactly what was sung and when his cue is because he chimes in like he’s answering his human. He goes back and forth between singing and whistling, and it’s wonderful to watch – and absolutely hilarious. Everyone starts to crack up, and Neno can’t help but grin from ear to ear.



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