This Man Uses An Iron And Some Aluminum Foil To Make Dinner


If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are you don’t have a kitchen at your disposal. This trick will keep you full when you’re getting hungry after room service stops servicing! This one is from Crazy Russian Hacker — the internet’s favorite life hack expert.

Taras Kulakov is his real name, and he isn’t actually Russian. He’s from the Czech Republic, and more interestingly, he lives in Asheville, NC. He’s no poser though — his accent is authentic. His library of videos has amassed more than 400 million views. He’s got more than three million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He’s the Crazy Russian Hacker, and this clip is up there with his most clever ones yet.
Aluminum foil can be used in all sorts of creative ways. If yours only ends up lining your pans, you’ve got some learning to do! We’ve heard of people hanging foil up in a garden to scare away birds. They’re averse things that shine, and foil’s quite good at reflecting light. It also works really well when you’re moving furniture — by covering the feet of your dresser with foil, it’ll glide a lot easier than it would have otherwise.

What did you think of the video? Can you think of any other things that might work with this setup? Chime in down below, or let us know on Facebook!




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