11-Year-Old Joins Michael Martin Murphey For Moving Duet Of “What’s Forever For”


Sometimes things just need a child’s touch!

When American singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphey first made the song “What’s Forever For” back in 1978, he probably had no idea how he would be using it today. This self-proclaimed old cowboy has seen a lot on the big stage over the past several decades, but leave it to a little girl to make him remove his hat for the following very special performance.

During a performance for the MuzArt World Foundation in 2014, Murphey stops the show to invite a familiar face on the stage with him. We’re pretty big fans of Lexi Walker here at LittleThings, but her duet with Murphey proves the best is yet to come for this tiny 11-year-old.

Before starting to sing, Murphey explains to the audience that “This song needs a child’s voice because this song addresses people sticking together in a relationship instead of splitting up, so that our children have mother and a dad.” When you hear the lyrics, I think you’ll agree that the song was so powerful coming from this little girl, who has sung everything from our National Anthem to gospel songs, like this riveting version on “Prayer of the Children.” Murphey is a great entertainer on his own, but the old cowboy definitely made the right decision here!

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