The Minnesota ‘Sandwich Man’ Has Doled Out 700 Thousand Sandwiches To The Needy


From the time Allan Law was 11 or 12, he figured out that he was put on this earth to help others. He’s known around Minneapolis as the “Sandwich Man,” and his connection to those less fortunate has only strengthened as he’s aged. When he retired from his career as a teacher 16 years ago, he made a promise to spend his nights on the streets of Minneapolis delivering goods to those in need. To the delight of thousands of locals, that’s precisely what he’s done.

His minivan is adorned with the number 363 on the side, but contrary to what people think, it doesn’t represent the number of days he does his kindhearted handiwork. Rather, it represents the number of days a year that people don’t think about the homeless. He’s on a mission to end all of that, and with 17 freezers in his living room to store his sandwiches, he’s well on his way.

Fortunately, he doesn’t have to do all of this work on his own. Last year alone he had the help of 800 church, civic, and business groups to dole out his goods. We here at SFG love hearing about how the selflessness of few can impact the lives of many. If you love what the “Sandwich Man” is doing, help spread the word and give him the recognition he deserves.



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