Determined Dog Goes Above And Beyond To See His Friend


Anyone who spends time around dogs is no stranger to the fact that they have a seemingly limitless supply of sheer determination.

Just look at this determined pup who re-taught herself to walk with her two front legs in casts , or this little guy’s wrestling match with a doggy door; dogs are all about getting the job done. That is perhaps what makes this clip so compelling; the dog in this clip clearly has his own set of humans, but has spotted one of his canine friends through the (very tall) gate. What he does next can only be classed as truly amazing, even by dog standards.

Dogs are some of the most social creatures on the planet. Pack animals by nature, most dogs are happiest in the company of others. According to some experts, over the years, we have bred dogs to act like puppies, and when they get together, it is this playful, puppy-like behavior that emerges. They run, they play, they investigate – they form social relationships with each other that often result in creating their own unique idiosyncratic games. It all sounds pretty appealing, and it’s easy to see why the dog in this clip resorted to drastic measures in order to join his friend for a dogs’ day out.

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