”Miracle” Balloon Floats Toward Mom At Her Son’s Funeral


Last September, a little boy from the Philippines named Trebby passed away. On the day of his wake, Trebby’s white coffin was topped with his framed portrait, pretty flowers, and white balloons. In the viral video below, prepare to watch in awe as one of the balloons starts floating out from the coffin and straight toward Trebby’s mom, Joy.

Joy is in the midst of mourning her son when she looks up and sees the balloon brush up against her head and hands. She lets out a louder cry, and just as the balloon begins to float away, it returns from up behind her. Joy softly speaks to the balloon as if she’s speaking to her late son — as if she knows he’s trying to send her a message right there inside the funeral home.

The video, which has been viewed over three million times, has been called everything from eery to absolutely breathtaking. Many people believe the ballon is simply running low on helium, which explains its movements. But others call it a beautiful sign that Trebby’s spirit is giving his mother one final hug — assuring her that everything will be okay.

All that really matters is how this made Joy feel — and she calls this moment a pure miracle. Joy believes the balloon was her “warrior boy” saying goodbye one last time.

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Joy believes her late son Trebby said his final goodbye in the form of a floating white balloon on the day of his wake.




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