Man Had Enough Of Package Thieves, Punishes Them Again With Glitter Trap


Manly in the United States, many package owners face a major problem. When packages get delivered to their homes, they are often stolen by well-organized thieves.

Youtube user Mark Rober is also aware of these issues, and this time he posted a new video of his revenge on the web!

Mark Rober prepared a special package a year ago in December to catch the thieves and spoil their plans. These days he posted a new video online as he improved his trap.

It took him almost whole year to upgrade the mechanism with a special package, with the help of which he filmed the thieves and then prepared revenge for them. The package was equipped with glitter, four cell phones, a GPS tracker and a special spray that released unpleasant odors every few seconds.

See how Mark Rober prepared a new glitter trap revenge these days for those who stole the delivered packages. Lesson learned?

Source: Klipland



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