This Town’s Walmart Was ABANDONED. What They Did Inside? Oh. My. Gosh!!!


A lot of people, including myself, are fascinated with abandoned locations. We’ve been lucky enough to actually write about a few of them here at LittleThings: we’ve seen abandoned resorts,stadiums, psychiatric hospitals, and even train cars.

Many times, these buildings will just sit there untouched and slowly fall into ruin. They are often covered in graffiti, decked in spider webs, and they look like something out of a horror film.

McAllen is a town in the southern section of Texas that saw one of its Walmart locations go out of business and sit idle for many years. After the store shuttered, it eventually fell into the property of the city, and the decision was made to turn the building into a public library.

At the size of nearly two-and-a-half football fields, it is now the largest single location public library in the United States.

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The city had 124,500 empty square feet to utilize.


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The firm of Meyer, Scherer and Rockcastle, Ltd. of Minneapolis was brought in to design the interior.


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The redesign was a smashing success among designers. It won the 2012 Library Interior Design Competition held by the International Interior Design Association.


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The remodel was also a success for the library’s business. Membership increased by 23 percent the year it opened.


PSFK/Lara Swimmer

It has large children’s sections, and even has its own soundproof room for teenagers.



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It also features 14 study rooms, 64 computer labs, 10 computer labs for kids, two genealogy labs, and 15 public meetings spaces.


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It’s hard to imagine the library being one of the coolest buildings in town, but that’s what happened.


PSFK/Lara Swimmer

There’s even a cafe, art gallery, and used book store.


PSFK/Lara Swimmer

An auditorium hosts screenings, classes, and lectures on a variety of subjects.


Facebook/McAllen Public Library

I’ve always loved the iconic New York Public Library, but this one might be even more impressive.


Facebook/McAllen Public Library

How many libraries actually have people lining up to get in?


Facebook/McAllen Public Library

It also hosts an immensely popular farmer’s market on weekends.



The library has become a major part of the community.



I wish more abandoned spaces could be turned into wonderful things for the community. We definitely need more libraries!


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