This Mom Is Brought To Tears When She Hears Her 10-Year-Old Daughter


Anna Christine is the definition of an old soul. With herincredibly mature voice, talented piano skills and appreciation for the classics, it’s very hard to believe she’s only 10 years old.

When Anna Christine auditioned for the America’s Got Talentjudges they were blown away before she even started singing. Most 5th grade kids are still playing with toys and watching cartoons, not trying to make a serious career for themselves. However, they were in New York, the city of bright lights and big dreamers, where Anna fits right in.

One can assume that Anna comes from a musical family. How else would a 10-year-old know about a classic song like “House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals and made iconic by The Rolling Stones. Most other kids would choose a Justin Bieber song, but Anna is far from average. Within seconds of her opening her mouth, Anna stunned the judges and audience and bought herself a ticket to the next round.

With a voice like hers and such a mature stage presence, you know we’ll be seeing more of this talented kid in the future!

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