Mom Documents The Struggle That Comes With ”Instant Celebrity” After Delivering Triplets


On a trip to the zoo, one family gives us a peek at the unexpected instant celebrity that comes with newborn triplets. Having multiples is a life-changing experience in itself. When it comes time to step out in public, the reality you’ve started to build can be thrown completely off-balance. For the first couple months of their lives, Lesa found it difficult to put the newfound attention into perspective. She was unprepared for the gawkers, stalkers, touchers, pointers, and stares.

Lesa included a disclaimer with her video below: “Not all of the comments were negative. Some were amusing and some were cute. This video only documents our experience and my feelings in public during the difficult transition from one type of normal to another.” She resented the fact that certain people treated her multiples more like a spectacle — or when strangers were blatantly rude with their “I’d kill myself” comments. Fair enough.

Some people totally identify with the family’s struggle for normalcy: “How frustrating it is to not be able to enjoy your other children because people have no manners. I get it.” Others, however, admit they’d have a similar reaction if they saw a triple stroller among the crowd, and not to take it so personally: “If you were to pass me with the big stroller like that, you’d probably catch my eye too. And I’m sure I’d look and take in all that beauty.”

As their kids grew older and life got a bit easier, Lesa says her family adapted to the attention. They consider themselves blessed to have such a big, beautiful family.

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