Mom Feeds Dog a Treat. But It’s What The Dog With The Bear That Has The Internet in Fit of Laughter


Since time immemorial, humans have believed that sharing something with others signifies caring for others, which is entirely true. But who would have thought that animals, too, could be capable of such compassion? You’re about to find out something really satisfying here!

In the video here, you see a dog owner with her two cute pups, Cuba and Grace. Now, this human wants to teach her dogs the importance of sharing things with each other, and she’ll use a stuffed bear to that end. To make her point, she gives a treat to the dog with no bear in its mouth. The other dog has to let go of the toy to get a treat too, hence giving its friend the chance to play with the toy. The exchange goes on till the treats run out. The dogs are clearly learning something important here!



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