Mom Has A House Duck But It’s Her 1 Of A Kind Greeting At Door That’s Impossible To Ignore


Some people find themselves falling in love with unusual pets. That was the case for Chantel Grant when she met a young duckling by the name of Petunia one year ago. From the first time they met, Chantel knew Petunia was a special duck and just had to adopt her and make her a part of the family. But never did she expect her little duck to be a star in the making when a video of her would soon go viral!

One year ago Chantel rescued Petunia. Now 1-year-old, Petunia is an indoor duck that has her own bedroom and even wears diapers. Mom loves her pet duck so much and now looks forward to getting home after a long day of work to be greeted by Petunia at the front door. It’s her ‘special’ greeting that has quickly gone viral all over the internet – and it’s easy to see why!

Every time mom gets home Petunia can’t contain her excitement to see her as she rushes to the front door. The duck practically has a giant smile spread all across her face. The best part is that her excitement is so intense that her little tail wags ferociously from side to side just like a happy little puppy dogs. It is absolutely adorable to see! There is no denying that this little duck loves her family so much. She truly is quacking for joy upon sight of them. Watch the heart melting footage for yourself in the video below. What a treat!


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