Mom And Her Two Puppies Get Rescued From Streets Of Detroit


The Michigan Humane Society rescued a stray dog and her two puppies who were roaming the streets in Detroit and ended up on a resident’s lawn.

The concerned woman called the rescue organization to come and save the day. But, when the Humane Society arrived, the mom initially didn’t want anyone to get close to her puppies.

“The mom dog, she was protective over her puppies,” said Chris Ouwerkerk from the Humane Society. “Most moms are, so you always want to approach them with caution.”

With some patience and some treats, Ouwerkerk was able to get control of the three dogs. He then brought them to the shelter where they were put up for adoption. As you’ll see below, the dogs were well taken care of and chipper at the shelter.

Much like the time the Michigan Humane Society rescued dogs from a house that was moments away from demolition, the organization stepped in for these three dogs just in time.

“It’s due to your lifesaving support that we were able to get Claudia and her puppies — Emily and Zoe — off the streets where possibly they could’ve starved to death, been hit by a car or attacked by other dogs,” Ouwerkerk said.

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