Mother Dog Rescued With Her Puppies After 6 Years On The Streets


For six years, a beautiful stray dog named Georgina lived on the streets. Residents of the Mediterranean area grew to love her, making sure she had enough food on a daily basis. But Georgina would always keep her distance, and it was impossible to capture and sterilize her. She was simply too street-wise, and her own safety wasn’t her top priority.

You see, about twice a year, Georgina would give birth to a litter of puppies inside an abandoned, run-down, derelict house. The Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) worked in tangent with the pup’s feeders to stay on top of the situation. For years, the team managed to safely capture most of the puppies and find them loving homes. But sadly, there were some puppies who were stolen by unknown people and sold for profit.

Finally, after six years of watching Georgina birth upwards of 100 puppies, Georgina and her new three-day old litter were rescued by the AAA team. For the first time ever, Georgina and her puppies were together, and safe and well.

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