Motorcycle-Riding Heroine Saves A Tiny Kitten Stuck In Traffic


YouTube user E511 was recently out riding her motorcycle when she saw a tiny orange animal darting helplessly through a busy interaction. She realized this was a kitten who was seconds away from being roadkill. That’s when the motorcyclist sprung into action, weaving over to rescue the poor creature before it was too late! Some viewers say the kitten fell out of the fender of the red car at :12, then jumped into the intersection with nowhere to turn.

“Still shaking! Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated,” she says. “Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now.”

Our fearless heroine has since updated her video to answer some viewer questions. She named the kitten Skidmark. She’s keeping him for now and says, “Have tried to contact person in red car, but she was unavailable. Either to find out if Skids is hers, or to make sure she knows strays are chilling in her undercarriage. She has my number, and a summary of the incident, have yet to hear from her.”

Commenters are hailing this woman a hero, and praising her for not only being the fiercest motorcyclist ever, but also for going out of her way to save the life of this adorable kitten.

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A fearless motorcyclist was out riding her bike when she saw a terrified kitten caught in the middle of a busy intersection.


When no one else stopped to help the tiny animal, this amazing biker darted her way over, plucked him up off the street and rode him safely into the arms of a kind stranger.


The biker was shaken, but extremely relieved to see the kitten was okay. She told the woman to place the kitten inside her helmet.


“Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now.” What a hero!




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