Navy Sailor Surprises 7-Year-Old Daughter At Football Game


Things have been busy for 7-year-old Hayley McGregor lately; she just welcomed a new baby brother, she’s been working hard in school to get good grades, and she’s been really focusing on her cheerleading routine for the past couple of weeks.

So when it finally came time for the little girl to perform with her cheerleading squad at a high school football game, she was excited, but a bit sad.

Hayley has been keeping herself busy because she’s been longing for somebody important in her life. She’s been rushing from class to class, and activity to activity, just so she can ignore the hurt that comes from missing her daddy.

Her father, an officer in the United States Navy, had been away in Afghanistan for over seven months now. But little did Hayley know that her dad had snuck near the field and was only a few hundred feet away from her, watching her dance routine.

When Hayley finally finished, she posed and suddenly was confused when she heard her father’s name introduced over the loudspeakers.

She looked up at her mother who was proudly watching from the sidelines, and rushed to her breaking down into tears. Her mother pushed her and pointed to her father who was quickly walking toward the whole family.

Hayley then bolted for her dad in one of the most beautifully touching videos imaginable.

To make matters even more beautiful, this was the first opportunity for this brave sailor dad to meet his newborn baby boy.

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